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Database and Application Development

Database Development

Put the Power of Data to Work for You.

The business intelligence information contained within your database is the foundation on which your business runs. It's critical for your information system to be designed so that your applications work flawlessly, be fully integrated with your business processes, and will handle your business growth.

On the web side, we can build custom solutions for small businesses who want to expand their web site capabilities beyond the basic informational web site. By integrating inventory data, scheduling, order entry and processing, integrating 3rd party data sources (like suppliers), ecommerce, etc... the list goes on. The scope and capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Whether you need to enhance an existing database, move your database to the cloud, or are looking for a shop that can design and program a whole new custom database application, you're in the right place - just let us know what you need!

We've served a variety of industries from small businesses to medium-size companies - the only common thread: they all had data they wanted to put to work. A need for practical, cost-effective, scalable, documented and supported databases.

Our database applications can support just one or two users, or thousands. Large or small, our projects always get our careful attention to detail.

Many of our custom databases utilize Microsoft SQL Server, with a front-end application written in ASP.NET (for the web) or Microsoft Access (for the desktop). Don't worry about hosting - we can set that up for you at a minimum annual fee or you can host it yourself on your own server. Either way, we'll make sure it's properly installed and configured.

Industries We've Served:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Recruiting/HR

Below is a brief listing of just a few of the application development projects that our chief developer has built over the last few years. We are currently building in Access 2007+, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, VBScript, Classic ASP, SQL 2008+ and other Microsoft related products. Call us about database design and database application programming and web based front-end systems to SQL database applications. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your data and we'll talk nuts and bolts.

Integrated Inventory Application for Wholesale Wheel Distributor

Dynamically populating mySQL database query application using jQuery and Ajax database calls in response to the user specified criteria for online product catalog.

Online and Backend System for Construction Training School

This is a SQL server database feeding the website and using an Access database for backoffice operations. The construction training classes are displayed on the website and the website allows on-line registration for classes. An Access application is used by the staff administration to maintain the class schedules, attendance, testing, student grades and graduation.

Real Estate Sales Management

The database is used for listing inventory reports, marketing reports, etc. Clients can request a detailed breakdown of how their property has been marketed. Inquiry calls, showings, open houses, etc. are all recorded to show clients the efforts taken to sell their property quickly. This database ties into the company web.

Online Website Print and Graphics Reorder System

Designed for a printing company, this system allows their customers to track, order and reorder printed materials that are held in inventory. This system allows the customer to login to the printer's website, see and track the inventory, and order/reorder their materials as needed. The information is automatically entered into the printer's inventory database where economic reorder points, on-hand, print jobs etc, are managed.

Purchase Order System for Home Builder

This system was developed for a large home builder for issuing purchase orders for lumber. The cost savings by using this system was immediate. The system is extremely flexible for importing material takeoff from Excel spreadsheets directly into the purchase order database. With vendor interface, vendors submit their pricing for materials in a pre-defined format that is then imported directly into the database. Full reporting, printing, data export capabilities.

Adobe InDesign / Database Integration / Adobe Tagged Text files

This application takes data from a SQL database and creates a file that can be imported into the Adobe InDesign software. The application retrieves data based on a users query and wraps the data into Tagged Text, which InDesign can utilize. The imported data is integrated with pre-defined InDesign style sheets.

Staff Recruiting Website

Designed for a recruiting firm with forms that capture candidate information and resumes into a database. The database has 2 functions: 1) To capture the candidate information for an "on-line" interview prior to finally storing the interviewed candidate information in an ACT database. 2) Sending un-solicited candidate information to ACT for later search and retrieval.

Indemnity, Casualty and Medical Insurance Audit Form System

An application that was developed to audit the performance of third-party workman's comp administrators. A separate system for auditing Casualty claims administration. Basically, these systems are used to audit the performance of third-party administrators. The client seeks to determine if the administration is efficient, timely and effective for the insured. There are contractual performance guarantees that need to be assessed.


Legal Process Server Management and Tracking

Construction Daily Reports

FTP Automation Application

Exchange 2007 Web Services Integration

Indemnity, Casualty and Medical Insurance Audit Form System

...and list goes on.

Call us and let us know how can we put your data to work for you?