Proud Meadows has imported a Schwarzwalder stallion and filly from Germany. Also known as the Schwarzwalder Fuchs (Black Forest Chestnut), the breed originated in the fairytale land of southwest Germany’s Black Forest. The breed overall is said to resemble a small Noriker, and may be related to the Haflinger, two other Alpine breeds.

      Our stallion Rondo has the less common pure white mane and tail contrasting with his dark chestnut body- quite showy. He stands at 14.1 H.

The filly, Porta, has the same coloring with a flaxen mane.

      Traditionally used as a strong but compact draught horse in their mountainous native region, the breed survived attempts to crossbreed it out of existence with Belgians in the years after WWI. So favored was it by the local farmers that they secretly bred their mares with purebred stallions. This story reminds us of the similar tale of survival of the Friesian breed after the wars of the last century.

      At the turn of this millennium the number of mares was about 700 with about 45 registered stallions. This number is increasing due to the Schwarzwalder’s increasing value as a leisure horse.


      Due to the near-complete absence of purebred Schwarzwalders in North America, our stallion is available for crossbreeding. Cobs, Gypsy Vanners, Haflingers, and Norikers are all obvious candidates, but we are willing to entertain any inquiries.

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(top and middle) Rondo
(bottom) Porta


March 24, 2005

      Many of you have heard that our Prix St. Georges stallion, Illiad, was injured in Florida just before his trip back to Proud Meadows in early March. This happened in the middle of the night, and no one knows the cause, but he somehow dislocated his fetlock. He did not break any bones as originally rumored.

      The good news is that the dislocation was easily treated. Even better is that the vet in Florida was amazed at his response to treatment. Illiad walked comfortably without favoring the braced leg the same day as the relocation operation. Now this incredible stallion is back in Texas where he continues to improve. The long-term prognosis is good.

      Unfortunately his competitive dressage career is probably over. We never had any doubt that he would go to Grand Prix, but now it is unlikely that we will know for certain. But with continuing improvement, Illiad will be able to do demonstrations, which are less demanding physically. We are happy with this prospect because that is why Proud Meadows acquired the charismatic stallion. We have always considered him a crowd-pleasing and showy replacement for Jorrit in that role.

      Illiad will, of course, continue to be one of the three foundation breeding stallions in our Performance Breeding Program. Until further notice, however, only frozen semen will be available from Illiad.

      We will post updates on his progress.

      Illiad’s scores from his shows in Florida are available in our Scores section.



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