At Proud Meadows our commitment to the development of excellence within the Friesian breed does not stop with our past accomplishments.

We renew our dedication to the activities that have driven our success thus far:
• Continuing our renowned breeding program.
• Maintaining and developing our exceptional facility and staff.
• Excellence in dressage and demonstrations

These activities are the hallmark of Proud Meadows
and will be enhanced by the introduction of three new programs:

Because more people are seeking to own Friesians a greater understanding of the horse and its capabilities is clearly warranted.

It is our belief that the following programs will help to define the future of the Friesian breed.

The purpose of this program is to help consumers understand their options, define their choices, and match the expectations of owners with Friesians that will satisfy their needs. Happy owners are committed owners.

The Friesian cross has a promise all its own beyond the purebred.

The purpose of our crossbreeding program is to share our knowledge of what to expect in a Friesian cross, while incorporating and encouraging some common sense standards for crossbreeding.

Do Bloodlines matter in breeding Friesians for high-level dressage?