Foaled 1985
16.2H, all black
Sporthorse Conformation
Approved Stallion, 1997
Friesenpferde Zuchtverband e.V. (FPZV)

2001 USDF 6th Place,
Grand Prix Freestyle

2001 Champion, Florida Dressage Classic at Wellington, Grand Prix Freestyle

2000 USDF Horse of the Year,
National Champion, Prix St. Georges

"God made one horse for himself
and his name is Jorrit."
Margaret L. McHugh, D.V.M., FEI Trainer
       Jorrit is the most accomplished Friesian stallion in the world. He has proven himself in dressage, driving and demonstrations. His combination of pure athleticism, confident showmanship and high intelligence, makes him a one-of-a-kind breeding choice. Jorrit also offers the Sporthorse conformation with longer legs and neck.

       Having completed a highly successful career in Germany, Jorrit was imported by Proud Meadows in 1997. Within the first six months of his arrival, Jorrit was featured at Equitana USA, the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden, on the Today Show, and live at Rockefeller Center. He was also on the cover of the October issue of Horse Show magazine. He now stands at stud in retirement after competing and winning at Grand Prix Freestyle.

       Jorrit is the quintessential forward-moving Friesian. He exhibits natural extension, superb balance and rhythm, extraordinary intelligence, and proven trainability without sacrificing the gentle temperament of the breed.

       He stood for the first time in the Spring of 1997. With superb mares in his background, Jorrit also is the youngest stallion by Mark P 232, who was the youngest stallion by the foundation stallion, Tetman 205. Jorrit represents all that is needed to become the foundation sire for the 21st century competitive dressage Friesian. Note his prepotency in Bogart, his son shown within this section.

       *Because of Jorrit's outstanding abilities and long record of performance success, he is the only horse ever Approved by the FPZV solely on reputation, demonstrated ability, and bloodlines without standing for the 50-day Stallion performance test prior to Approval.

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